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Safer fire service: The risk for firefighters decreases when home sprinklers are in use because sprinklers reduce the intensity of the fire by dousing the flame earlier.
Fast response: Modern home sprinklers are designed to respond to fire faster than commercial or industrial sprinkler systems, because they are more sensitive to heat.
Aesthetically pleasing: Home fire sprinklers are smaller and less conspicuous than commercial or industrial types. Some color variations are available and some can be installed flush with the ceiling.
Reliable: Sprinkler systems exceed a 95 percent “fail-safe” status in laboratory testing. Sprinklers are individually activated only if there is a fire in which the heat escalates past that sprinkler’s trigger point.
Investment protection: Sprinklers can prevent devastating home damage by extinguishing flames quickly. Sprinklers can limit the damage caused by smoke and fire and are less damaging than water damage caused by firefighting hose lines.
Simple installation: Installing a home sprinkler system to a home that is under construction or being remodeled requires minimal extra piping and labor and greatly increases the safety of residents.
Low water requirement: Home fire sprinklers can be connected to the domestic water supply and require less water than commercial and industrial systems.
Low cost: A sprinkler costs about $1.61 per square foot.  This cost is about the same as upgraded cabinets or carpet.
Lower insurance: Installing a sprinkler system has the potential to lower insurance rates by 5-15% by meeting code requirements.

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