Electrical Fire Safety

Public Service Announcement: Home Electrical Fire Safety

Fire Electrical OutletsElectrical Outlet Fire Prevention and Child Safety

If you have children, it is important to use electrical outlet covers like the ones in the picture to the left.  Children can put objects into electrical sockets and start fires, or put their fingers into electrical sockets and electrocute themselves.  Protect your children and install socket covers today!

Fire Frayed Cord

Do Not Use Frayed Electrical Cords

Frayed electrical cords, like the one pictured to the left, are extreme fire hazards and should be disposed of properly.

Fire Unplugged Coffee Pot

Unplug Appliances When They Are Not In Use

Appliances, especially those that are intended to heat up like a coffee pot or a space heater, should always be unplugged before you leave them unattended.  If you are leaving the room for an extended period of time, or leaving your home, you are leaving your house at risk if you leave your appliances plugged in.  Unplug your appliances to prevent fires!