Fire Safety Kits

Operation Fire Safety is distributing Fire Safety Kits to homeowners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Our kit includes 5 life-saving fire safety items:

  1. Smoke Detector
  2. Fire Blanket
  3. Tot Finder Stickers
  4. Pet Finder Stickers
  5. Fire Safety Manual

Smoke Detectors

Fire Alarm Picture

Operation Fire Safety will be distributing over 1,000,000 photoelectric smoke detectors with batteries to homeowners in PA & NJ.  In a recent Pennsylvania Department of Health report on accidental child deaths, there were no working smoke detectors present in any of the cases studied.  Operation Fire Safety is determined to save lives by making sure that all homes are equipped with working smoke detectors.  Click here for more information.

Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket2

Fire Blankets are made of flame-retardant material and can help prevent small fires from becoming large fires.  Fire blankets are used by many police and fire services throughout the world.  Some Fire Blankets cost as much as $75, which puts them out of the price range for many people – so Operation Fire Safety decided to include them in our Fire Safety Kit!  Click here for more information.

Tot Finder Stickers

Tot Finder ACI

The Tot Finder program was one of the most successful fire safety programs ever, but unfortunately there is no longer available funding for this life-saving program.  Operation Fire Safety is bringing this life saving program back to life!  We’re installing Tot Finder Stickers in homes to help firefighters locate children in house fires.  Click here for more information.

Pet Finder Stickers

Pet Finder

For many people their pets are a part of their family.  Pet Finder Stickers help firefighters locate pets in fires.  Many times during a house fire, a homeowner will attempt to run back into the home to save their pet, risking serious injury.  Pet Finder Stickers give homeowners the confidence to leave pet rescuing to professionals in protective gear.  Click here for more information.

Fire Safety Manual

Fire Safety Manual Cover

Fire Safety Manuals will be distributed to homes, businesses and schools throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The Fire Safety Manual teaches homeowners how and where to properly install smoke detectors, how and when to check them, and other vital smoke detector safety tips.  Advertising proceeds from the Fire Safety Manual will go directly to local Fire Departments.  Click here for more information.

To get your Fire Safety Kit, call 267-897-9105 or fill out the form below:


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