Operation Fire Safety is an initiative to promote fire safety awareness, prevent fires, and save lives.  The Operation Fire Safety team has a goal of distributing 1,000,000 smoke detectors to homeowners throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  To get a FREE smoke detector, call 1-855-944-FIRE.

Our Fire Safety Manual, which will be distributed to homeowners, businesses and schools, features hundreds of fire safety tips for preventing fires and avoiding injury when a fire occurs.  Advertising proceeds from our Fire Safety Manual will go directly to supporting local Fire Departments.  To advertise with us, click here.  To learn how your Fire Department can obtain support from Operation Fire Safety, click here.

Operation Fire Safety is also distributing Fire Safety Kits, which include a smoke detector and a Fire Safety Manual.  Also included in the Fire Safety Kit is a flame-retardant Fire Blanket, capable of putting out small fires or being worn as a protective shield when escaping a house fire.  Tot Finder stickers will also be included in the Fire Safety Kit.  The Tot Finder program was one of the most successful fire safety programs of all time and is responsible for saving many lives.  Pet Finder stickers will be included in the kit for pet owners.

To learn more about the Fire Safety Kit, click here.  To get yours today, call 1-855-944-FIRE.

To learn how your business can help local Fire Departments, click here.  To learn about rewarding careers with Operation Fire Safety, click here.


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